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Safe Sport Tracking

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Whether you are directly involved with athletes or have an administrative role in your sports organization Safe Sport tracking has never been more important. Protect athletes, coaches and the organization as a whole by ensuring all members are up-to-date on their Safe Sport requirements.

Sideline Learning's industry leading requirement tracking system provides you with a master overview of your members activity in one central location.

Set Requirements by Role

Assign requirements to specific roles within your organization. For example you may require coaches to do a Background Check and Respect in Sport Training but want your office staff to complete WHMIS and Bystander Training.

Requirements Status Tracking

Stay on top of your members progress with our requirements tracking tools. Instantly filter reports on statuses to have a quick and easy overview of what stage everyone is at.

Waivers and Digital Agreements

Have your members accept agreements online via our digital consent platform. Track waivers, code of conducts, privacy policies, COVID-19 liability or any other agreements all on a members profile.

Automatic Notification System

Let our notification platform do all the heavy lifting. Email, text and dashboard notifications are automatically sent using Sideline's business logic, keeping everyone in the loop on next steps.

Third Party Integrations

Eliminate having to track multiple requirements in multiple locations. Sideline works with industry leaders in the safe sport technology eco-system to bring data together for one central overview of your membership.

Let's keep sport a safe place for all!

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