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Take a look at our toolkit.

All levels of organizations are different. So are their needs around requirement tracking, member management and education. That’s why Sideline Learning offers flexible tools to reduce and solve any administrative headaches that come your way.


Custom Form Builder

Easily collect relevant data, view results, and make adjustments as you grow.​​

  • Create your own registration forms

  • Choose mandatory fields

  • Integrate credit card payments

  • Add waivers and consent terms

  • Build workflows to track submission progress

  • Generate customizable reports

Custom Forms.png

Screening & Education

Keeping all requirments in one accessible place helps members cruise through to-do lists on time.

  • Track background checks

  • Have members digitally sign policies

  • Create certification levels and pathways

  • Generate certificates and ID cards

  • Assign requirements by role

  • View member progress reports

Contact management

Get a clear picture of each member’s history and progress within your organization.

  • View registration history

  • Implement & follow up on incident reports

  • Flag requirement statuses

  • Track notes & reminders

  • Reinstatement workflows

  • Monitor suspensions

User Management.png

Requirement tracking

When members know what to do, where to do it, and when it’s due — it gets done.

  • Assign requirements by role

  • Customize status trackers

  • Automatic workflow notifications 

  • View progress reports 

  • Upload & direct integration options

  • Create expiry and due date reminders

Custom reporting

All data is centralized in one convenient dashboard, ready to be translated into reports.​

  • Search by organization, region or member

  • Track requirement statuses

  • Search by registration form or course

  • Build & save your own reports

  • Email filtered report lists

  • Select exportable & printable formats


Connected data flow

Build one network that connects member organizations and keeps everyone on the same page.

  • View everything on a central dashboard 

  • Enter data in one consistent place

  • Data sharing between connected organizations

  • Share approved data

  • Centralize roles & requirements

  • Assign multiple administrators

Data security and privacy

Organized, accessible data is of huge benefit to your organization. We take every step to make sure it stays within it.

  • Protect data in storage and transit with Amazon RDS encryption

  • Add a layer of security with multi-factor authentication

  • Safeguard against web exploits with Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Provide authentication with SSL Let’s Encrypt digital certificates

  • Host data in North America and beyond with
    Amazon AWS Hosting Centre

  • Mitigate risks with regular code quality and vulnerability checks


Instant alerts help administrators hit deadlines and save time on follow ups.

  • Auto generate alerts and notifications

  • Receive requirement status updates

  • Integrate with email & text

  • Set requirement expiry reminders

  • Mobile friendly experience

Third party integrations

We work with industry leading partners to enhance our central data overview.

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