Administrative Tools

Track all your members activity in one central location.

Form Builder

Our custom form builder tools ensures all relevant data is collected for your programs.

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  • Create your own registration forms

  • Select mandatory fields

  • Integrate credit card payments

  • Add waivers and consents 

  • Form workflow builder

  • Add requirements and materials

Contact Management

Stay on top of your members progress with our unique profile tracking.

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  • Registration history

  • Incident reporting

  • Compliance statuses

  • Track notes & reminders

  • Email & notification history

  • Suspension tracking


Our centralized dashboard allows you to drill down on all collected data.

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  • Search by Organization, Region or Member

  • Track compliance statuses

  • Search by registration form or course

  • Build and save your own reports

  • Email filtered report lists

  • Exportable and printable formats


Sideline's notification platform instantly updates admins & users on all activity.

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  • Autogenerated alerts and notifications

  • Compliance status updates

  • Email & text integration

  • Notification bar with updates

  • Requirements expiry reminders

  • Mobile friendly workflow

Deliver Education

Set your members up for success with easy access to all training materials.

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  • Design your own courses 

  • Assign quizzes and tests

  • Set passing scores and grades

  • Create certification levels

  • Restrict courses by group

  • Knowledge base testing

Compliance Tracking

Members know what is required, where to do it and when it is due by.

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  • Upload & direct integration options 

  • Custom status tracker

  • Automatic notifications workflow

  • Progress reports overview

  • Mobile friendly interactions

  • Expiry reminders

Materials & Digital Waivers

Have your members read and consent online to all of your organizations policies.

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  • Assign materials to groups

  • Documents, videos, external links

  • Attach to registration forms

  • Assign educational documents

  • Collect digital signatures

  • Track interaction history

Third Party Integrations

We work with industry leading technology partners to offer a central data overview.

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  • Background screening 

  • Compliance requirements

  • API Integrations

  • Organization > Region

  • Region > Member

  • Organization> Region > Member

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