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Compliance is an asset.

The world of organized activities is changing to become safer and more inclusive. By keeping your compliance initiatives organized and trackable, Sideline Learning helps you access real time data to make real world decisions.


Risk management is more than just coaches.

Compliance tracking needs to go beyond just coaches to be effective. Our platform allows you to manage all organization roles and assign custom education and screening directives including Coaches, Staff Members, Officials, Members and Boards.


Our  auto notifications keep administrators and users updated along the way.

It’s not a misunderstanding, it’s misconduct.

“It was just a joke”, “You’re taking this too seriously”. We’ve all heard these kinds of excuses for inappropriate behaviour. Our requirement tracking system was designed to assist in recognizing, reducing and responding to common incidents, such as bullying, harassment and hazing. By having all members on the same page regarding what’s appropriate and what’s not, you protect your organization against so-called misunderstandings.


Manage misconduct

Recognize it

Reduce it

Respond to it

A few types of requirements tracked by our partners:

Criminal Record Check

Safe Sport Training

Child Abuse Registry

Code of Conducts

Vulnerable Sector Check

Diversity Training

Aboriginal Apprentice

Privacy Policies

First Aid Training

Concussion Training


Certification levels

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