Incident Reporting

Report unethical behaviour and incidents in a safe and secure environment.

Incidents frequently go unreported due to fear of repercussions for the whistleblower. Sideline Learnings anonymous reporting feature gives your members a safe and protective place to be heard. Our secure filing platform tracks case numbers and supporting documentation in a central reporting area.

Case Management

Unique case numbers are created and tracked for each filing.

Supporting Info

Add photos & videos to your case filing to support the misconduct being reported.

Anonymous Dialogue

Communicate with the whistleblower securely and anonymously.

Notes & History

Track activity history with each case including notes & administrative interactions.

Online Filing

Customize forms to ensure you collect all relevant incident data.

Red Flag Alerts

Flag high priority cases for incidents that may pose an immediate threat.

"An incident is just the tip of the iceberg"

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