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Is your organization at risk?

With sport inching towards its new normal, administrators and organizations have been tasked with a lot. Following health guidelines, tracking proof of vaccination, modifying game/practice schedules and recruiting volunteers to name a few. But while navigating these uncharted waters, how exposed and liable is your organization becoming?

By tracking compliance requirements you're showing that your organization and its members are taking today's Safe Sport standards seriously. If your organization is there already, on its way or just doesn't know where to get started you should consider a general policy and technology review. A few quick things to consider:

  • Are your policies up-to-date to reflect the latest Safe Sport landscape?

  • How are you storing your data? Are volunteers storing sensitive information on their local computers? (ex. Proof of Vaccinations, Background Checks) #redflag

  • Does your one excel guru manage all the information and what happens if that volunteer leaves the organization?

  • Is organization data accessible by multiple administrators or are you constantly asking 2-3 people for different sets of information?

  • Are coaches attending games/practices without having been screened?

  • Have you established a safe/secure way for members in the organization to report abuse?

Administrators and volunteers are the heartbeat of sport and are facing more challenges and obstacles than ever before. Let's keep Safe Sport, simplified. Protect your organization, protect your volunteers and create a safe environment for athletes. #riskmanagement #datasecurity #safesport


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