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It starts with clubs

The club system is often the first stage in an athlete’s journey, but it’s never too soon to exercise healthy, professional processes. Sideline Learning allows clubs to access the same membership management tools and compliance solutions used by PSOs, NSOs, and State-level organizations, so everyone is held to the same organizational and Safe Sport standards.


One centralized registration system.

Registration is a big job. As a club, it’s common to chase after your members’ registrations and fall behind on your own requirements set out by your governing body. With Sideline Learning, you can use one convenient dashboard to register your club under your PSO, NSO, or State-level organization as well as register your own club members, so all your priorities are kept in one place.

Become Safe Sport certified.

Sideline Learning creates a centralized, seamless connection between your club and its governing body. This creates an opportunity for your club to be recognized for the hard work it does to promote a safe environment. Once you fulfill all requirements outlined by your governing body, you can proudly add “Safe Sport certified” to your online presence and signage. Sideline Learning can also create digital badges and certificates for individual members who have fulfilled their Safe Sport requirements.


Safety at every stage


Provincial &


Connect your club with Sideline Learning.

Register Club

Data Analysis with Intuitive Reporting features

Become Safe Sport

Register PSO/

State Members


Personlized  Membership ID Cards

Register under

Reporting Membership Numbers

Create Badges &



Take us for a test spin.

See how Sideline Learning can help your organization become a Safe Sport leader.

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